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I've recently started a new blog and I'm posting there a lot more than here. In fact, I'm posting there every single day so if you want to follow along, check out the new spot. I'm doing a collaborative blog/project with my husband, Reginald and my good friend, Syene.

The project is a 365 project, but since there are three of us doing it together, it's a 3x365. Syene is focusing on postal art, Reginald is focusing on his pen collection, and I'm focusing on self-portraits of some kind. We're all posting our individual daily contributions there every day, so it's a very active blog (in relative terms, of course).


Follow us there.

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this is reality..

This has nothing at all to do with Second Life, or virtual worlds, but it has everything to do with reality.

There's a story on CNN today about some triplets that were just recently born. Stories like this are usually good and happy things (although overwhelming for the parents, I'm sure!), but this story wasn't like that. These triplets are going to be raised by their father because their mother never saw them.. she died. This man is now faced with the job of raising these three amazing little boys (apparently he's calling them "Daddy's Army") but also working through the fact that he's just lost his wife and the mother of these boys.

He has a full-time construction job, but doesn't think he can pay for daycare costs for the children, and doesn't know how he'd pay his mortgage if he were to quit his job to raise his sons. My heart just broke when I read/saw this story and it's just one more thing to remind us that our 'reality' can change any second.

I wonder how many people go through life not telling people they love them or care about them and then wish they would have when something like this happens. I've always been a strong believer in telling people how I feel about them. Have I looked like a complete idiot at times? Absolutely, but I never want to be the person that says "God, I wish I had let them know how I felt."

Second Life gives us the ability to 'make our own' reality and live a different life and experience different things but the really important things are still there no matter what world you're in. Be real, be open, be honest, and don't play games. Life's a precious thing and we are fragile people.



Tag... you're it

GoSpeed Racer tagged me.. but.. I have already BEEN tagged previously by DrFran and frankly, I refuse to play this whole tagging game. ;)

So there.


I want...

a tattoo.

I've wanted one for years now, but could never decide on the one perfect thing that would represent who I am. I'm a person that thrives with change and to think about choosing one tattoo to represent everything just seemed impossible.

Now that I've become addicted to LA Ink and Miami Ink and the amazing art these people are doing, I want a tattoo even more.

I've changed my way of thinking about it though.. instead of choosing the 'one' perfect thing to represent my life in a tattoo.. I'm thinking about tattoos like I think about charms on my charm bracelet. Maybe it's not about the ONE perfect thing, but several things that represent important or significant events, symbols, or reflections on who I am at the time, and what I'm learning as I go through life.

I think that's a much better way of looking at things. Now to find the perfect artist......


A neat thing from a friend..

Thanks to my friend GoSpeed Racer for making this cutie card for me!


The Virtually Fantastic DrFran Babcock!

One of the most interesting people I've met in Second Life, DrFran Babcock, has posted her most recent podcast and she discusses my areas in Second Life (Mill Pond and Stone Hill) and I think that's pretty neat.

I've met DrFran a few times in real-life too, and she's a gem of a person. She makes fantastic clothes in Second Life, she's a builder, and she's one of the biggest supporters of charities in Second Life including the giant Relay for Life.

Because of all this, I'm giving DrFran the "Virtually Fantastic" award! Thanks, DrFran!

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New look for the coffee shop

I recently redesigned the coffee shop in Mill Pond and no matter how many times I've built something, or rebuilt something, I never cease to be amazed at the comments that come rolling in.

I heard that some people were upset that there wasn't more 'couples' seating, and that some people didn't care for the poses on the sofas that were there. They said it was difficult to drink tea lying down and they'd appreciate other poses. So, because I was bored and ready to do some building anyway, I changed things around a bit, added new furniture, extended the outdoor area, provided additional seating, etc. One of the first things I heard was from someone coming and saying they hated the furniture because the seating "wasn't very dignified".


Seems you can't please everyone all the time, and some people don't seem to really 'get' what I'm trying to do here. People always want more seating, but there's kind of a fine line between 'cozy coffee shop' and convention center.


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This whole "CSI" thing in SL

Ok so I've been following the 'excitement' of the big CSI:NY episode related to Second Life that will premier tonight at 10EST. Because of this 'buzz', I decided I should go check out the CSI:NY sims (and wow are there a lot). Upon arrival.. I was greeted with this, by someone with "CSI:NY Greeter" as her title.

[18:02] CSI:NY Greeter Girl (named changed to protect the stupid): Once you have recieved your hud go to the next icon and click viewer. Downoad the viewer and log back in useing your new CSI viewer. You will also need Quick time if you do not allready have it. If you have the new CSI viewer move onto next board.

followed by...

[18:03] CSI:NY Greeter Girl (name changed to protect the stupid): Once you downloaded new viewer and log back into game useing the new viewer and having hud attached go to the next board where you will see Anthony Zuiker and click the red CLICKE HERE. Goodluck

Ok, are you KIDDING me? Is this for real? You expect.. people that have never been in Second Life before.. to follow these instructions and understand what the hell to do? This is a complete joke and my God, if you're going to have people as "greeters", dear Jesus, do us all a favor and at the very LEAST be sure they can spell.

I did ask one of the CSI:NY Managers if she was hired by ESC and she confirmed that indeed she was, and when I asked if the greeters were as well, she assured me they were.

This is pathetic. Truly. C'mon people.. you KNOW how Second Life works and I was really hoping for something pretty amazing here. So far.. I'm really disappointed. For companies and individuals that are supposed to "get it", this is sad.

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